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Entrees to share

  • Codfish croquette fritter mix with cream of garlic allioli,  2 units 3.00 *(DAIRY, GLUTEN, FISH, FISH, EGGS, NUTS)

  • Patatas Bravas 6.50*(DAIRY, GLUTEN)

  • Goat cheese with tomato jam 7.50 €   (DAIRY)

  • Black pudding of rice with apple roasted 8.50€  *(DAIRY, GLUTEN) 

  • Foie Micuit, pure duck liver, marinated in a sweet Valencian wine, Mistela, cooked at home, with fig jam and toasted bread 15.50 (GLUTEN)

  • Iberian Ham  28 €​


First courses

  • Pink tomato with basil oil, fresh cheese, gazpacho and capers 12.50 €  *(DAIRY, GLUTEN) 

  • Iberian Tartar with iberian ham cut into small cubes, peas cream and peppermint 14.50 € *(GLUTEN, SOYA, MUSTARD, EGG)

  • Baby broad beans with Iberian ham and low-temperature-boiled egg 12.50 € *(EGGS)

  • Fried Squid with lemon jam and parsley oil 12.50€ *(MOLLUSC, GLUTEN)

  • Cuttlefish with onion on its ink,coriander, parsley and lemon mayonnaise 13.50 *(MOLLUSC, DAIRY)

  • Crispy prawns with a seafood mayonnaise and lime flavouring 13.50€  *(MUSTARD, DAIRY, GLUTEN)

Main dish


  • Roast Octopus on romescu sauce 18.00€  *(MUSTARD, GLUTEN)

  • Huevos Rotos, is a typical Spanish dish with organic farm eggs from Valencia,fried in virgin olive oil, with potatoes confit simmered in olive oil and Iberian ham 15.50€ *(EGGS)

  • Iberian Bacon cooked under vacuum, at low temperature, which gives it a softness and flavour of its own, with orange and carrot cream. 16.00 € *(SOYA)

  • Iberian pork cheek in Bobalia red Valencian wine sauce, on a roasted pumpkin puree. 18.00 €

  • Presa Ibérica, is one of the tastiest parts of the Iberian pig, accompanied by vegetable stew flavoured with herbs and coriander 24.00

  • Galician Frisona Prime beef entrecote, accompanied by confit potato and fried padrón peppers 28.00 €

  • French fries extra 7.00€


Homemade Desserts 

6.50 €

  • Torrija, brioche toast with cappuccino ice cream *(GLUTEN, DAIRY, EGG)

  • Cheesecake with blueberry *(DAIRY, EGGS)

  • Brownie with vanilla ice cream*(NUTS, GLUTEN, DAIRY, EGG)

  • Crema Catalana (DAIRY, EGG)

  • Tiramisu version with orange blossom water and orange liqueur  *(GLUTEN, DAIRY, EGG)

  • Affogato, espresso over vanilla ice cream *(NUTS, DAIRY)

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