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(It is possible to share)

Pink tomato with basil oil, fresh cheese, gazpacho and capers 

11.50 €  

Foie Micuit, pure duck liver, marinated in a sweet Valencian wine, Mistela, cooked at home, with fig jam and toasted bread.

12.50 €


Iberian Tartar with iberian ham cut into small cubes, peas cream and peppermint 

12.50 €


Small plates to share


Codfish croquette fritter mix with cream of garlic allioli

2 units 2.50 €

Patatas Bravas

6.50 €

Goat cheese with tomato jam

6.50 €

Black pudding of rice with apple roated 

7.50 € 

Baby broad beans with Iberian ham and low-temperature-boiled egg

12.50 €

Fried Squid with lemon jam and parsley oil


Cuttlefish with onion on its ink,

coriander, parsley and lemon mayonnaise

12.50 €

Crispy prawns with a seafood mayonnaise and lime flavouring

12.50 € 

Roast Octopus on romescu sauce

17.00 € 

Main dish


Huevos Rotos, is a typical Spanish dish with organic farm eggs from Valencia,

fried in virgin olive oil, with potatoes confit simmered in olive oil and Iberian ham 

14.50 €

Iberian Bacon cooked under vacuum, at low temperature, which gives it a softness and flavour of its own, with orange and carrot cream.

15.00 €

Iberian pork cheek in Bobalia red Valencian wine sauce, cooked for more than 8 hours, tender and soft, on a roasted pumpkin puree.

17.00 €


Presa Ibérica, is one of the tastiest parts of the Iberian pig, with a marbled and intramuscular fat that gives it all its smoothness and juiciness, accompanied by vegetable stew flavoured with herbs and coriander

18.00 €

Galician Frisona Prime beef entrecote, maturing for more than 40 days (organic food, sustainable livestock), accompanied by confit potato and fried padrón peppers 

 26.00 €

Homemade Desserts 

6.50 €

Torrija, brioche toast with cappuccino ice cream

Cheesecake with blueberry

Brownie with vanilla ice cream

Crema Catalana

Tiramisu version with orange blossom water and orange liqueur 

Affogato, espresso over vanilla ice cream