Tasting Menu



*Please, to improve your experience, let us know the rhythm you want between courses.



Iberian Tartar with iberian ham cut into small cubes, peas cream and peppermint

Goat cheese with tomato jam


Codfish croquette

Andalusian Squid with lemon jam and parsley oil


Main dish 

Iberian pork cheek in Bobalia red wine sauce, cooked for more than 8 hours, tender and soft, on a roasted pumpkin puree.


Torrija, brioche toast with cappuccino ice cream

Cheesecake with blueberry

Brownie with vanilla ice cream 

Crema Catalana

Tiramisu version with orange blossom water and orange liqueur 

Affogato, espresso over vanilla ice cream

30 € per person 

*Due to the discount applied to the tasting menu, it is not possible to change any dish. If you wish to do so, either because of a preference, allergy or intolerance to any of the dishes on the menu, we advise you to order from the à la carte menu.

Thank you


*You just have to choose the dessert. The rest of the dishes are all included in the menu.

*Served at a full table.

Ask the waiter if in doubt